Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#HomeSweetHome: How to Support the Campaign

Credit: Home Sweet Home
Have you heard of the #HomeSweetHome campaign taking social media and our country by storm this Christmas time? Campaigners and activists including musicians Glen Hansard and Damien Dempsey are taking action to tackle the horrific homelessness epidemic facing our country and they need our help to #EndHomelessnessNow. The activists have opened up Apollo House in Dublin, a vacant NAMA owned property to the homeless to give them a roof over their heads at Christmas with the overall campaign objective being to "end homelessness in Ireland once and for all".

 Campaign Video: Ending Homelessness in Ireland

Homelessness: Why We Need To Care 

Did you know that over 6500 people are currently homeless in Ireland including 2,400 children growing up in hotel rooms?  This statistic is absolutely flabergasting in a prosperous country such as Ireland where our government are simply burying their heads in the sand on this issue (similar to the mental health crisis) hoping that it will all disappear in the morning like an unwanted dream. Apologies Enda, the people of Ireland have had enough of your blatant avoidance of humanitarian issues and it is so refreshing to witness this #HomeSweetHome campaign unfold and grow right before our very eyes this Christmas time. We need to care about homelessness as this is an issue that could happen to anyone at any time. Businessowners, people suffering from addiction and mental health issues or anyone struggling to make ends meet to pay the rent every month are all susceptible to homelessness and it is a crisis we simply cannot ignore any longer. 

How to Support the Home Sweet Home Campaign 

Sign the Petition: 
Join the tens of thousands including myself and my family who have signed a petition to encourage political action on the homelessness crisis here- homesweethome.irish

You can also  make a donation to the campaign here- homesweethome.irish where over €110,000 of the €500,000 goal has been reached so far.

If you would like to volunteer to help the Apollo House residents you can fill out a form here- homesweethome.irish, do you have experience in working with the homeless or community services? Do you have First Aid or CPR training? Your skills can make a valuable contribution to this campaign.   
If you would like to help to spread awareness simply share this article or head to the Home Sweet Home website here- homesweethome.irish for the latest news and updates. Hopefully this post will help shine more light on such a timely and worthwhile campaign. Best of luck to everyone involved in the project and well done on your hard work so far. Thank you very much for making us feel proud to be Irish once more.

(*Photos and videos used above have been sourced from Home Sweet Home) 

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