Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Art of Illustration

"Imagination is the beginning of creation"  - George Bernard Shaw. As a creative individual with an inherent tendency to be drawn towards art and beautiful design, it has been a goal of mine to acquire a custom illustration for Grace With Love Blog for some time. Luckily Julie Stafford Designs made my aesthetic dream come true last week with a thrilling result, read on for an insight into the artistic process. 

 The Process
JS Designs

Moreover, the creation of a custom illustration involved a consultation with Julie from JS Designs where we discussed my vision for the artwork.  The idea was to encompass a blog with style and substance and to show elements of education aswell as fashion in the custom design. Julie drew the pencil sketch below as a draft and once approval is received from the customer the next step involves adding colour.

Pencil sketch by JS Designs

The Result
JS Designs 

The Benefits of Custom Illustration

If you are a business owner or blogger contemplating a personalised artwork or design consider the following three benefits for branding. Firstly, the illustration is unique and based around a vision created between you and the designer and is therefore tailored to convey the message you wish to send to your audience.  Secondly, personalised artwork distinguishes your business from the crowd.  Thirdly, illustration is aesthetically pleasing for visitors to your website and social networking sites and will enhance the user experience. 

Julie is exceptionally talented and offers a reliable and professional service with excellent creative results. For more information you can contact Julie on the JS Designs Facebook Page  or follow her business on Instagram!   


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