Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hair Care Routine for coloured/highlighted hair

Hair is a topic that us ladies love to chat about! So why not start off my new blogging adventure addressing some frequently asked questions about colour. You may have noticed me showing products belonging to my hair care routine on Snapchat (graciec93_x) over  the last few weeks so it struck me that it would be useful to share this information in a blog post. I have a confession to make (it may not be shocking to those of you who know me) but I am  actually naturally a dark brunette!! Over the last year I have transformed into a golden blonde by gradually getting a full head of highlights and repeating the process every few months. As you may imagine frequent dyeing can leave your hair quite brittle and damaged so I needed a quality routine to get my hair back in decent condition ASAP!

1. Coconut oil hair treatment

Once a week a leave in coconut oil is used as a mask treatment on my hair and it works wonders! Have you noticed my obsession with coconut oil yet? (I mean how could you not!) It is without doubt my holy grail beauty product and has a huge variety of wonderful uses which deserve a blog post of their own in the future! This oil is completely hydrating and replenishes dry hair to leave it soft, healthy and eventually stronger. I have been using coconut oil for months and this has drastically improved the condition of my hair. My favourite brand is Vita Coco Coconut Oil as it seriously smells like cookies and leaves the most beautiful aroma in your house when you use it as part of your beauty routine or for cooking. Yum! 

Hair Mask Method

  1. Melt the coconut oil by scooping out the product and rubbing it together using the palms of your hands (avoid using the microwave as this destroys the oil's goodness)
  2. Apply oil to hair mainly focusing on the ends
  3. Apply approx. 4-5 teaspoons (too much oil will make hair very greasy)
  4. Wrap hair in towel and get a good sleep
  5. The next morning wash out your hair and you will be left with luxurious locks and feeling like a tropical goddess :)

2. Silver shampoo 

For all you blondes out there purple shampoo is the way forward to beat those brassy orange/yellow tones that can destroy your locks. Some people worry that this may tint your hair a purple colour but fear not, your hair will look better than ever! It is all down to basic science and colour knowledge- purple is the opposite to yellow on the colour wheel so it will block out and neutralise unwanted tones. The brand I currently use is L'óreal which I purchased in a salon however the shampoos are widely available in pharmacies and salons nationwide.

Thank you for reading and hopefully the above tips will come in handy for all you colour loving beauties out there!

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