Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday Tan: Tantastic Review

This week it was my pleasure to test out the Tantastic Fast Drying Self Tan Lotion. Garner Summer Body (as you may have gathered from reading Summer Essentials: Beauty Products) has been my holy-grail gradual tanning lotion for what appears like centuries  However, my inner curiosity came bursting out after scrolling through Instagram one day and realising that there are so many other brands on the market, so why shouldn't I test them out? After all, variety is the spice of life!

Would Tantastic live up to my high expectations?
Let's find out!

What is Tantastic?

This cool collection of tanning products was built to keep the requirements of modern women in mind. The brand identify their niche as a tanning range to suit fast busy lifestyles, for women who simply want to tan and go. Alas, the fast drying self tan lotion came into existence. Stunning Irish model Thalia Heffernan is the face behind Tantastic and her gorgeous glow increased my excitement to try out the tan. In the picture above I am wearing my Tantastic lotion in the shade medium.

What ingredients are included? 

The Tantastic range offers many superb ingredients with notable beauty benefits. Aloe Vera is highly moisturising and will leave your skin feeling super hydrated. Pro- Vitamins B5 and E will also nourish and condition your skin this summer.

How do I apply my Tantastic Lotion?

It is recommended to shave/wax one day before applying your tan. To make sure the beauty process runs smoothly make sure to exfoliate beforehand focusing on dry areas like hands, elbows, knees and heels. A convienient mitt is included with your lotion. Tantastic can be used on face and body and claims to dry in a mere two minutes.

Pros of Tantastic Fast Drying Self- Tan Lotion:

  •  Creates a lovely natural even finish (see picture below)
  • Tanning mitt included with lotion
  • Lotion is long-lasting and provides a golden glow for up to 7 days
  • Extremely hydrating and nourishing texture improves the condition of your skin as well as providing a tan
  • Tan wears off well and does not leave any nasty streaks
  • The lotion has a lovely perfumed fragrance 
  • Extremely fast-drying!  

 Cons of Tantastic Fast Drying Self- Tan Lotion:

The product is described as both a Face and Body Lotion. In order to investigate I applied the tan to my face. Let's just say I won't be posting a picture of how this turned out as it wasn't very appealing! It could be my own fault as I applied too much product but I ended up looking like I had scalded myself after a month in the Canaries. Note to self Grace, tan is meant for your body and not your face in the future!!!.

Overall, I was very impressed with the longevity and quality of this product. It really does dry in an instant which I absolutely loved! The face fiasco was really down to my own  lack of experience with trying different tanning products. However, the Tantastic lotion is now sitting happily beside my Garnier Summer Body and I believe it really deserves its place on my beauty cabinet. 

Tantastic is available to purchase from the following stockists.

Hope you enjoyed reading my review,
Have you tried Tantastic?
Let me know your thoughts below.

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