Friday, July 1, 2016

Tutorial: BPerfect Eyebrow Makeup Kit

You can imagine my excitement recently when offered the fantastic opportunity to review the BPerfect Cosmetics Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Kit as loved by So Sue Me! (you can find Sue's review here!) Read on for product details, tutorial and my overall impressions!


BPerfect Cosmetics is an innovative beauty company from Belfast offering exciting new products to the market. Their revolutionary semi-permanent brow stencil kit is their cool offering to keep those brows on fleek! The kit includes three stencils (thin, natural and thick)  to create versatile brow looks, an eyebrow powder and pretty little double-ended brush.

BPerfect Semi-Permanent Brow Kit


 The product comes with an instruction set (very handy for first-timers!)
1. Select thin, natural or thick mold to suit the width of your arch.

2. Place the stencil on your eyebrow, align the beginning of the eyebrow of the mold with medial angle of the eye.

3. Hold the stencil firmly with the middle and index fingers at the edges of the mold.

4. Pad it with eyebrow make-up within the space of the mold, work with the brush in both directions firmly, in order to get a uniform cover. Be sure to hold the stencil plainly, in any other way line will not be uniform. I used the Irid Brown shade for strong definition as I have dark brown hair naturally. There is also a brown, dark brown and charcoal shade to suit everyone!


5. Remove the stencil, shake it and repeat the operation on the other eyebrow.


Overall impressions: 

I have a bit of a weird obsession with eyebrows (they need to BPerfect geddit?) and to be honest this kit cannot be faulted! The stencils are so easy to use and highly versatile allowing you to create both natural everyday looks or statement bold occasion brows. The powder truly is smudge proof, water resistant and long-lasting! It can last up to 24hours (or until you remove your make-up). I am so excited about BPerfect that I have even looked into the other products in their range and their Brush on Lashes, 10 Second Tan and Primer are now on my beauty wishlist! You can take a further look at how to keep those brows looking beautiful for €34 using BPerfect here.

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Let me know if you have ever tried BPerfect or if you plan to how you get along!

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