Saturday, August 13, 2016

5 Amazing Websites for Self-Education*

Today Grace With Love Blog brings you a collection of websites that will broaden your mind and provide your brain with a workout when you have a few moments to spare. As a student teacher, technology has become part and parcel of the modern classroom. During my course in Education we have had the opportunity to discover and test new and exciting programmes such as Scratch and Lego Education. The advancement and rapid growth in technology in recent decades is beyond exciting and is a concept we can all use to keep our minds sharp on a daily basis. With this in mind, Grace With Love Blog has researched five amazing websites for you to try out!

1. TED

TED (standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design) is the home of ideas worth spreading! Their talks come in the form of videos covering topics like business, science, fashion, beauty and global issues such as poverty and women's rights. TED is without doubt one of my most frequently visited websites and it is definitely my intention to share more of their talks with you in the future.

2. JSPuzzles- Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Start your morning with free unique puzzles that are updated daily based on lovely themes such as nature and animals. This site is great as there is also a time element for those of you who like competition! Visit: JSPuzzles here!


3. National Geographic

If you are forever oooohing and aawhing over cute animal pictures on Instagram or suffer from extreme wanderlust than this website will be a heaven-send for you! Filled with travel inspiration, amazing photography and captivating educational footage is truly a privilege to read and a credit to the contributors.


4. BrainBashers

BrainBashers features brain training delights such as optical illusions, riddles, puzzles, Sudoku that are regularly updated. This is a great one if you have a free afternoon with time to spare. Be warned it can become seriously addictive! ;) Check BrainBashers out here!

5. Khan Academy

This fantastic website allows everyone to learn anything they want for free. Subjects include maths, science and engineering, computing, arts & humanities and economics & finance. There is a mix of interesting articles and videos for you to enjoy at

Hope you enjoy exploring these amazing websites!
Until next time,

* This post was sponsored by JS Puzzles

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