Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Playlist & Sudio Sweden Wireless Earphone Review

Those of you following Grace With Love Blog on Snapchat @graciec93_x will have noticed my willingness to increase my "tech game" of late! Since starting the blog the amount of time spent online is increasing daily for me and it is important to be using quality equipment to guarantee quality content creation. A huge investment in technology and photography is coming soon (keep those eyes peeled!) but first of all to test the waters, I recently tried my hand with wireless earphones. Are Sudio Sweden's offering worth the hype? Read on to discover my thoughts and for some inspiration in terms of the music on my playlist this Winter 2016.

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts!

Good morning Grace With Love Blog readers! Black Friday is upon us at last and believe me the deals this year have been well worth the wait! As those of you who follow my Snapchat know I have been researching the best discounts around since early last week to share with you all. Without further adue, may the shopping BEGIN, enjoy!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WIN! Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume Review & Giveaway | CLOSED

It is with delight that Grace With Love Blog features Natural Solid Perfume, a new and innovative concept in fragrance from Carlow businesswoman Jo Browne. As a writer it is such a pleasure to support businesses near and far on their exciting entreprenurial adventures and watching them grow and flourish. Jo's idea is certainly hot property at the moment as this unique range has now landed on both British and Australian shores , so what exactly is the secret behind her success? Read on to find out my thoughts and for your chance to win a full perfume collection!


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Leonard Cohen: A Tribute

Leonard Cohen 1934-2016 (source: leonardcohen.com) 

Sadly, millions around the world are today mourning the loss of Leonard Cohen, poetic genius, songwriter and musician following his untimely death yesterday. Cohen is said to have passed away peacefully aged 82 in Canada following a career spanning six decades. Personally, as an admirer of Cohen's visionary literary work Grace With Love Blog  has decided to arrange  a collection of the icon's most powerful words as an ode to his incredible work and everlasting talent, may he rest in peace. 

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