Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Playlist & Sudio Sweden Wireless Earphone Review

Those of you following Grace With Love Blog on Snapchat @graciec93_x will have noticed my willingness to increase my "tech game" of late! Since starting the blog the amount of time spent online is increasing daily for me and it is important to be using quality equipment to guarantee quality content creation. A huge investment in technology and photography is coming soon (keep those eyes peeled!) but first of all to test the waters, I recently tried my hand with wireless earphones. Are Sudio Sweden's offering worth the hype? Read on to discover my thoughts and for some inspiration in terms of the music on my playlist this Winter 2016.

Sudio Sweden VASA BLA Wireless Earphone Review

If you are on the look-out for a Christmas present for a tech-obsessed teenager or feel like updating your own collection, behold this superb offering from Sudio Sweden ticks all the boxes. The concept of wireless earphones is one I had heard of in brief before but really had no detailed idea of how they worked. Luckily, after slight experimentation it is very easy to see the benefits of going wireless. The earphones are compatible with any blue-tooth enabled device which means all you need to do is pair the speakers with the blue-tooth on your phone and your good to go! The fact that you do not even need to plug in the earphones to your phone is genius, freeing you up to use your phone simultaneously or leave it nearby. The design of the speakers really appealed to me as many of you will know Rose Gold is one of my weaknesses and adds that extra touch of elegance in my view. The battery life is quite good meaning you can get up to 8 hours of listening before you need to plug them in to charge. Overall, you are receiving studio quality sound and a gorgeous design for a fraction of the cost of other brands so a huge thumbs up to Sudio Sweden for their accessible product

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Winter Playlist 2016

Here is a Spotify playlist of the tunes on repeat for me so far this Winter! There is a bit of an R n B/ rap feel to this collection and fear not there are no Christmas songs as of yet haha, until next time, enjoy!

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