Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mental Health Awareness: How to Support the #SmileyPancake Campaign

On Pancake Tuesday Mental Health Ireland are running a significant campaign called #SmileyPancake to raise vital funds for mental health and well-being in schools and to share the crucial message that one is "never fully dressed without a smile". Read on to discover how you can support this wonderful initiative.

5 Steps to Support #SmileyPancake

1. You can either make your own pancakes or buy them, remember the most important thing is to get involved!

2. Get creative and make your pancake SMILE using toppings of your choice, for example fruit or Nutella mmmm...If you decide to take a healthier option you can read my feature on the deliciously nutritious Nutella alternative here!

3. Snap your #smileypancake masterpiece with your phone or camera

4. Upload your picture to your active social media for example Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

5. Text MHI to 50300 to donate €4 to Mental Health Ireland or you can donate directly to your local Mental Health Association  It would be fantastic if you could tag your friends in your photo to encourage them to join in on the campaign too! For more information head to and make sure to send me snaps of your #smileypancakes on Tuesday! 

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