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Blogging Tips: How to Use RewardStyle

Welcome to a new feature on Grace With Love Blog called "Blogging Tips" where it is my intention to share a variety of useful tips and tricks along this fascinating journey with fellow bloggers. My website is still particularly new, however in a short nine months having experimented with various tools, strategies and platforms, as a teacher it is my natural desire to share this knowledge with an audience, in this case my blog readers. Firstly, the purpose of this article is to introduce the affiliate network rewardStyle and to demonstrate a variety of key features which are indispensable for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. 

What is rewardStyle?

Described as the "first and largest invitation only end-to-end content monetization platform for top-tier digital style influencers and brands around the world", rewardStyle is a popular affiliate network for bloggers. It is a powerful monetisation network which allows influencers to create ready-to-shop content for their websites and social networking sites. It took me approximately five months into blogging to be accepted on to the rewardStyle programme and the criteria for entry include displaying a growing audience, and  the ability to create consistent, original and high quality material. Prior to using rewardStyle, Shopstyle Collective and Affiliate Window were my preferred networks of choice. However, rewardStyle in my view is the perfect fit for Grace With Love Blog. The easy-to-navigate interface, access to thousands of quality products and advertisers and the support from your very own  business mentor make the platform a pleasure to use! 

How does rewardStyle work?

It is worthwhile to provide an example to explain how rewardStyle works. The above picture belongs to a fashion shoot for my blog with Caleb Purcell. To link to the jacket in the picture it is a matter of simply searching for the retailer (there are currently hundreds of retailers signed up to the platform including big name fashion and beauty brands like NIKE, ASOS, Topshop, River Island and a host of designer brands also).  The above item is from Pretty Little Thing and once found can be converted to an affiliate link. To test this out simply click on the link below and you will be redirected to the item, magic! The item costs €52.41 and means that the online influencer who has directed you to the item will receive a rate of commission from every sale made through their link. However, the decision to purchase is completely up to the reader/ consumer and in this way the influencer acts a virtual personal shopper.

Link: http://bit.ly/2ocTRBS

How can a publisher join?

Publishers can apply via rewardstyle.com and you have to be accepted to join the programme on the following criteria:

It can be difficult to be accepted onto the programme so you can also receive a referral invitation from a current member which may help your application. As a rewardStyle member you can earn a 15% commission rate on the earnings of your referrals for one year. If you would like me to send you a referral invitation please send your full name, blog URL and email address to gracewithloveblog@gmail.com or alternatively you can send me a message on  Facebook or Instagram @ gracewithloveblog .

How does rewardStyle help readers?

It allows fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers to share on-trend fashionable products with their readers and provides a convenient method by which to shop the content. Using an affiliate link will not affect the price of a purchase for a consumer in any way, it will simply help the blogger earn an income which will allow them to continue creating the high quality content that readers enjoy at no cost. There has been much talk with regards to the disclosure of affiliate links and as you can see from my disclosure page it makes sense ethically to me to be transparent when it comes to affiliate links as it helps readers to establish trust and confidence in the blogger and the industry as a whole.

How does rewardStyle help bloggers?

Content creators work extremely hard around the clock on their websites and social networking platforms and it is only right that there are methods to be compensated for the time and effort required to maintain and grow a website and online following. If you are blogging as a hobby you may not consider going down the business/ commercial route. However if you are putting hours upon hours of hard work and dedication into creating amazing content than affiliate networks such as rewardStyle may be worth considering. The rates of commission from advertisers vary from 4.9% -  70% depending on the brand. with the majority offering between 10-15% per sale. Financial matters aside, there are remarkable features on the platform which allow you to create beautiful aesthetically pleasing content which looks like it has come straight from a magazine.Also if you are an Instagram user there is an app called LIKETOKNOW.it which allows you to create ready-to-shop Instagram content for your audience! See below for examples of useful tools provided by rewardStyle for bloggers.


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* Please note, this post contains affiliate links, for more information visit my disclaimer.


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  1. Super, super helpful post - exactly what I was looking for! I'm thinking about applying to RewardStyle, so I definitely appreciate you sharing your experience and tips :)

    - Kaitlin


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