Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Lip Filler Trend - You Need to END!

Pardon the pun but it seems as though fillers are the cosmetic procedure on (almost) everyone's lips these days! Unless you have been living on an alien planet galaxies away you will be aware of the power of the pout and the emphasis society now places on women having full, voluptuous and desirable lips. As a disclaimer it is crystal clear to me that lip fillers are a personal preference and of course the choice is up to each woman individually whether surgery is suitable for them or not, The intention of this post is to raise some questions as to why the much hyped lip filler trend has become so popular and provide an alternative perspective to reflect upon and critique.  In my opinion this trend is dangerous to the self-esteem of the female gender and places unrealistic pressure on women to conform to unattainable beauty ideals that are now unfortunately so heavily ingrained into our everyday culture. The pressure to conform is becoming so overwhelming that women are losing their sense of originality and starting to look like carbon copies of each other. In my view, this is one trend that needs to end! 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Study Stress Relief: My Pery Square Spa Detox

Assignment and exam season is currently in full swing for many students across the country and this can often prove an extremely stressful and tense time. Being in the final year of my Bachelor of Education degree and facing into the last few weeks I completely understand how overwhelming this pressure can be. It is often when we do not have time that we really need to make time for ourselves and prioritise our self-care. It can be oh so easy to forgot about our personal well-being and put ourselves on the back-burner when we have a mountain of essays to finish and an avalanche of study prep facing us but if you take one vital message away from this piece it is to remember that it is never selfish to put your health and well-being first, in fact it is necessary! Find something that you enjoy and that helps your mind unwind completely and try your best to make this a regular part of your routine that you can look forward to when stress levels are high. Last week, a trip to No. 1 Pery Square Spa in Limerick City left me completely refreshed and reinvigorated, so much so that this post will share the ambient experience with you. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Namasté: 6 Health Benefits of Morning Yoga

Are you feeling stressed, anxious or tense? Do you suffer from aches, pains or fatigue? The rapid-paced modern world has unfortunately created a lot of triggers for stress and it is extremely important that we become aware of effective practices and techniques to help us manage and alleviate this common life dilemma. I first discovered yoga two years ago as part of a summer teaching course and fell instantly in love with it as it left me feeling so calm, fulfilled and ready to tackle the day ahead. In my view the morning is the best time of day to reap the wonderful rewards yoga has to offer so the purpose of this post is to explore how morning yoga can lead to a happier and more productive day. Namasté! 
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