Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Lip Filler Trend - You Need to END!

Pardon the pun but it seems as though fillers are the cosmetic procedure on (almost) everyone's lips these days! Unless you have been living on an alien planet galaxies away you will be aware of the power of the pout and the emphasis society now places on women having full, voluptuous and desirable lips. As a disclaimer it is crystal clear to me that lip fillers are a personal preference and of course the choice is up to each woman individually whether surgery is suitable for them or not, The intention of this post is to raise some questions as to why the much hyped lip filler trend has become so popular and provide an alternative perspective to reflect upon and critique.  In my opinion this trend is dangerous to the self-esteem of the female gender and places unrealistic pressure on women to conform to unattainable beauty ideals that are now unfortunately so heavily ingrained into our everyday culture. The pressure to conform is becoming so overwhelming that women are losing their sense of originality and starting to look like carbon copies of each other. In my view, this is one trend that needs to end! 

 What does the procedure involve?
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Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure where fillers containing hyaluronic acid are injected into the lips to create a plumping effect. The results are temporary and last around four to six months. 

Why is lip enhancement so popular? 

The media and celebrity culture have always played a crucial role in determining society's expectation of beauty and the Kardashian effect has undoubtedly swept across the entire world in recent years. Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the clan started getting lip injections at 16 (I know, right! ) and has since went on to become the "it-girl" and role model to a generation of impressionable young teenagers worldwide. Lips are a lucrative business to this young woman who has since went on to sell her own range of kits (with a hefty price tag) for us all to emulate her sought after pout without the filler! P.S confession time, I myself even bought into the hype and ordered a Kylie Lip Kit (just one, pinky promise) but was utterly disappointed with the drying effect and quality of the product. The success of Kylie Cosmetics and the overwhelming popularity of lip fillers with celebrities, non-celebrities, influencers etc. worldwide raises some serious food for thought which we will now explore.

My problem with the lip filler trend....

Firstly it is extremely understandable to me that as women we want to look attractive and present the best version of ourselves to the world, but when will this obsession with perfection ever end? I would ask women to reflect on the REASONS they feel like they need to have cosmetic enhancement. Is it due to the overbearing pressure and expectations modern society has created for us? Why is it so ingrained into our psyche that our value as a person comes down to our looks and outwardly appearance? When will we stand up and say that enough is enough? What is wrong with applying a bit of lipstick if you feel like enhancing your pout? Personally, when I raise this issue with friends the reaction is usually "it's ok for you- you have big lips" but why should that be made feel like a success? I would much rather be celebrated for the words that come out of my mouth than the size of my lips and it genuinely frustrates me to witness the potential of numerous women and young girls going to waste because they feel they do not fit (or are working too hard to fit) into this fake ideal expectation of beauty that society has created. Yes, lipstick, pretty nails and dresses may play a part of modern femininity but we are WORTH so much more than that! We must never turn our backs on our intellect, our opinions, our ambition, our drive, our passions and our true authentic selves amongst the hysteria of the latest celebrity trend. You deserve to be celebrated not for the size of your lips, but for the powerful words that they can create! 



  1. Awww such a lovely article! I have a small mouth and my teenager sister has very thin lips, I know she gets self conscious about it, but she looks beautiful! It seems to be such a big trend at the moment, all the 'beautiful' people and models at the moment seem to be sporting a plump pout and chiselled cheekbones; I would love to see some different ideas of beauty :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Aw I love this post! It is so hard to feel beautiful in a society that praises unattainable and unrealistic (for most of us anyway) beauty! I would love to get rid of the cellulite on my legs and fix the gap between my teeth but for now I'm fine with who I am and what I look like. Sometimes I get really down on myself, but I try to remember that these beautiful women on Instagram and in the magazines have way more money and time than I do to achieve those beauty standards.

    Thank you again!

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