Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Isle of Paradise Cruelty Free Tan

The Isle of Paradise is a brand new self-tanning range created by celebrity tanning expert Jules Von Hep and it is completely revolutionising the beauty industry! The core messages behind The Isle of Paradise include body positivity, inclusivity and making you feel great as well as look great by achieving gorgeous glowing skin. Welcome to the Isle of Paradise!

The Range

Disco Tan  
Described as the perfect colour for those OMG I need a tan moments Disco Tan is The Instant Wash- Off Body Bronzer offering from The Isle of Paradise. The tan does exactly what it says on the tin and like all The Isle of Paradise tans smells like avocado, chia seeds and coconut oil! Divine! 

Self Tanning Drops
 If you are commited to your moisturiser you can control your glow by adding The Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops to your moisturiser for a natural, golden glow with no streaks, no smells or orange tones. 

Self Tanning Mousse
The tinted self-tanning mousse contains colour correcting actives. Choose peach for a light tan, green for a medium tan and violet for a dark tan. 

Happy Tan

A gradual tan that develops within 4-6 hours. Side effects will include: increased confidence levels, spontaneous high fives and a sun-kissed luminous glow. Happy Tan is my favourite product from the range as gradual tanners have always worked well on me. Apply Happy Tan for about three days in a row to achieve a glow and then top up once or twice weekly as desired. Adore! 

Happy Tan Gradual Tanner (Photo by Mum)

Self Tanning Water
Another option for tanning is the self tanning water which you mist onto skin and then blend with your mitt. Again you have the option of choosing peach, green or violet depending on how light or dark you like your tan.

My Thoughts

Confession time- I am not a self tan addict, in fact quite the opposite! The whole process of self-tanning seems like a big chore to me and Tanning Thursday is definitely not a part of my weekly routine! If there is a big occasion coming up I may build up a tan or if life is too busy just pop a bit on in a hurry. As a very casual tanner it takes a lot to impress me and it appeals to me that The Isle of Paradise appreciates that there's more to life than just being tanned and encourage us to just slather this on and get out there babe. The Isle of Paradise is committed to clean and cruelty free tanning so you can be assured that the products are vegan friendly, organic and are never tested on animals. Also it is fantastic that the tans are paraben free, sulphate free and mineral oil free. As an avocado addict the smell of the tans is such a huge plus. There is absolutely no stale biscuity type of odour you can get from other tanning products. The fresh smell of avocados and chia seeds makes the experience of applying self-tan more enjoyable and makes you feel like you are instantly being transported to The Isle of Paradise! 

Grace With Love Rating: 10/10
The Isle of Paradise range cannot be faulted for me. The morals and ethics of the company really appeal to me from cruelty free ingredients to the ethos of inclusivity for all body shapes and sizes. The range offers many options from gradual tanning to instant tanning to customisable tanning and the way the brand colour codes the tans (peach, green and violet) based on intensity is such a handy feature. The products apply so easily and fade off nicely and make the whole experience of self-tanning so enjoyable, what more could one ask for? Shop this amazing range at, Boots UK or Boots Ireland.


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