Monday, August 6, 2018

Book Review: Broken Mirrors by Marie McWilliams

Book Title: Broken Mirrors
Author: Marie McWilliams
Genre : Crime Fiction
Publisher: Veranda Kuhar Studios

Book Synopsis 

Disclaimer- Broken Mirrors is a work of fiction dealing with heavy subject matter such as criminality, gangland life as well as physical and sexual violence.

When Marie moves from Belfast to London, she envisions a fresh start and an escape from a broken home. Once there, she meets Malcolm Carter, a charming, handsome man who sweeps her off her feet and gives her a life she could only have imagined. But Malcolm isn't all he seems; he's a criminal, a mobster and a murderer. Detective Fraser Duncan knows what he is, and he's determined to take him down, but things get more complex when a rival and brutal gang leader appears on the scene, setting his sights on Malcolm's empire. When Marie chooses to stay with Malcolm, regardless of what he is and what he has done, she starts down a path from which she can never return, and now she has been taken. Detective Duncan and Malcolm must set their differences aside and join forces in a race against time to save the woman they love.

My Thoughts 

Broken Mirrors is a thrilling page-turner and a book that can easily be read in two to three sittings. The characterisation is excellent as the reader receives a detailed insight into the criminal psyche and their thought processes. I thoroughly enjoyed following the progression of the life of protaganist Marie from troubled beginnings in Northern Ireland to becoming the wife of crime lord Malcolm Carter. Malcolm and Detective Fraser are eye opening characters that make the reader consider how easy it can be for others to lead a double life. Broken Mirrors is my first crime fiction book to review and for all its darkness there is a memorable romantic storyline intertwined beautifully within it. The book alternates between past and present and this can annoy me at times but it actually worked well in the context of this story. If you are a fan of crime novels, thrillers and dark romance stories Broken Mirrors by Marie McWilliams is definitely for you

Grace With Love Rating- 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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