Saturday, December 29, 2018

Farewell 2018....

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas! New Year's Eve is a fantastic opportunity to reflect and it has become an annual tradition for us here at Grace With Love Blog to lament on the year as it comes to a close. This year we have decided to share our favourite blogging moment, looks, products, books and news stories from 2018 and have a little chat and look ahead to plans for 2019. Enjoy! 

                                       Favourite Blogging Moment of 2018

We are beyond thrilled that Grace With Love Blog grew from strength to strength in 2018 and we have now managed to reach 235K views and over 26K fans on social media. This is absolutely mind-blowing and we are so proud that the hard work we put in behind the scenes on content creation, photography and writing is finally paying off. Unless you are involved in the blogging community you may not realise the constant effort that is required. Blogging started as a hobby for us and it has now become a business.We are constantly working to come up with new and more creative ideas and we put our heart and soul into every photograph and article you consume. This year we had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing brands such as Primark, Dr Roebuck's, Goddess Provisions and Pretty Little Thing. To think that a global fashion online powerhouse such as Pretty Little Thing noticed our potential and asked to collaborate on festival fashion content and Autumn/ Winter looks was a huge highlight for both myself and my Mam and an unforgettable moment of 2018. 

Grace With Love collaborates with PrettyLittleThing

Favourite Outfits of 2018 

Mum's favourite outfit of 2018 is this gold sequin dress from Siopaella that she wore to the Ladies Day at Wexford Races  This was a wonderful day that we both enjoyed. 

My favourite outfit of 2018 was this unique snake-print two piece from Irish clothing brand Oh My Clothing. Animal print was a huge trend in 2018. 

Favourite Beauty Products of 2018
(Cruelty- free)

Mum loves natural skincare and the No Worries Hydrating Facial Moisturiser from clean Aussie beauty brand Dr Roebuck's kept her skin in mint condition this year.

My favourite brand of 2018 was undoubtedly BPerfect Cosmetics. They are truly leading the way when it comes to creating high quality and innovative beauty. Their Carnival Palette in collaboration with Stacey Marie really got me interested in applying eyeshadow and stepping out of my comfort zone with bright pigmented colours. 

A vibrant eye look created using the BPerfect Carnival Palette 

   Favourite Book of 2018

2018 was the year that I made more time for reading and it was truly the best decision ever. Reading  is such a wonderful form of escapism and is fantastic for acquiring knowledge, keeping your brain active and igniting your imagination. My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent was my *absolute* favourite book of 2018. It is a heart-breaking and challenging read from beginning to end but it is a story that will stay with you forever. Hailed as a masterpiece by Stephen King, this is not a book for the faint- hearted and it will take you on an emotional rollercoaster throughout. The strength and bravery of protaganist Turtle (Julia) Alveston is remarkable and she truly deserves to be described as a heroine. This is a novel you will never forget.

Read My Absolute Darling if you are a fan of dark fiction and feminism. Purchase here.

Check out this post for more reading recommendations and reviews. 

Favourite News Stories of 2018 

Ireland Repeals the Eight Amendment 

NĂ­ Saoirse go saoirse na mban is a proverb in the Irish language meaning there is no freedom until women are free. On May 25th two-thirds of Irish voters agreed to amend the constitution to overturn the strict and archaic abortion laws of old. Campaigners have fought for over 35 years to amend this cruel law and the page of history was finally turned this year with legislation to be implemented in 2019.  

Saudi women are finally allowed to drive 

Source: CNN

"The lifting of the ban is testament to the bravery and determination of the women's rights activists who have been campaigning on the issue since the 1990s, and the activists following up their groundbreaking work in subsequent campaigns since 2011," said Samah Hadid, Amnesty International's Middle East campaigns director.

Eco- Friendly became TRENDY

Sustainable fashion and the reduction of single use plastic consumption came into the spotlight in  a big way in 2018 and rightly so. Did you know that over 1.1 million animals and sea birds are killed each year due to single use plastic waste? Activists such as Sir David Attenborough brought much needed awareness to climate change and the impact of human behaviour and waste on our shared planet this past year. We were delighted to witness huge fashion names such as Stella McCartney and Burberry uniting against climate change and we will make an effort to be more sustainable and conscious of our clothing choices in the future. To begin with we shared one easy eco- friendly lifestyle tip that everyone can use to help fight plastic pollution. Remember that one small change can lead to great results if we all get involved. 

Thank you very much to all the brands and PR's that worked with us in 2018. We look forward to collaborating next year. Also thank you to every single one of you who comes over to read, view, like and share our blog. Every interaction and engagement makes a difference! 2019 is a year where we hope to push our limits and test our creativity yet again. Grace is working on a very special project this year so make sure you are following along on Instagram @gracewithloveblog for all of our latest news, photos and updates. Happy New Year!


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