Sunday, January 20, 2019

Exercise Tips & Fitness Fashion with Simply Be

Mid January is upon us already and if you are lacking motivation or struggling to keep those New Year's Resolutions this may be just the blog post you need. When it comes to exercise there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on a gym membership or fancy equipment to stay fit and healthy. Read on for my top tips for staying active at home and for details on some fab fitness wear from Simply Be. Enjoy!


Honestly, walking is the most under-rated and under-utilized form of exercise. It costs nothing, can be done (almost) anywhere and if you step up the pace it can really get that heart racing. Plus if you bring someone along with you it is a great social experience. PS if you are watching Operation Transformation pitches all over Ireland are turning on their floodlights between 7 -9pm every Thursday for a six week period from 17th January- 21st February. Check to see if your local pitch is participating here


Yoga is fantastic for stress relief, pain relief and for becoming more mindful and present. My favourite yoga guru to watch on Youtube is Boho Beautiful. Her tutorials are well explained, she gives very clear demonstrations and there is a huge variety of video workouts to suit each level. Yoga With Adriene is another very popular tutor. 

Operation Transformation

Are you watching Operation Transformation this January? It is an Irish health and fitness show set up to help people lose weight and transform their lives. This show is great even for people who are not interested in losing weight but want to stay active and fit. There is a free Operation Transformation app which you can download on your phone via Google Play or The App Store. This allows you to track your daily steps, as well as logging your food and fitness diary. My favourite part of the app is the video workout tutorials with expert Karl Henry. They are clear and well demonstrated.

Runners - shop here    Jacket- shop here

Outfit Details

My Adidas Trainers and Jacket are both from the sports section on Simply Be. The ethos of this brand really appeals to me as it is a celebration of diverse shapes and bodies. Simply Be have been leading the way in plus size fashion for years and create the most beautiful fitting clothes to honour your curves and to help you feel super body confident when working out. Click here to explore Simply Be's simply fabulous sports section and click here to check out their new in.

* This post has been created in collaboration with Simply Be. Thank you to Simple Be for partnering on this post and thank you to my talented Mum for the photography.


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