Monday, July 22, 2019

How to be Body Confident with Femme Luxe Finery

Body Positivity is a total buzzword at the moment ... but do we truly understand what it means and what the movement stands for? Here at Grace With Love we believe the key message of body positivity boils down to accepting the skin you are in and carrying yourself with confidence. Fashion is a wonderful means of creative expression that helps to build self-esteem. We are delighted to team up with Femme Luxe Finery to showcase four powerful looks and some killer body confidence tips.

Create your own style and don't feel pressured to conform 

Hair extensions, fake tan and neon colours may be "all the go" right now but who says you have to wear them just because everyone else is? I like to dress a little quirky, left of centre and mix up modern pieces with vintage fashion. Old Hollywood Glamour, 90's vintage, 60's colour and 70's flares are my idea of heaven. My taste in style is heavily influenced by my Mum who is also a vintage glam enthusiast. By learning about fashion and art history you can become so inspired and motivated to experiment and who knows you may just fall in love with your new unique style!

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Take risks with Fashion

Are you stuck in a fashion rut of wearing the same black trousers or reliable jumper? Wouldn't you love to just let loose and have some fun with a new print or a funky fashion piece that no one would ever expect you to wear? There is nothing quite like daring prints to make you feel empowered, refreshed and ready to take on the world. Your size should never hold you back from having fun with fashion and trying new styles. A few years ago I wore a size 10 and wasn't as confident then as I am today wearing a size 12 to 14! Try new things and just rock them!

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Stand tall and walk with sass

Posture and walking are elements often overlooked but did you know that your body language gives immediate clues regarding your confidence level? If you are feeling insecure in your body you may slouch, cling one arm to the other or perform movements which shrink you and give the impression that you don't wish to take up space. By standing tall, putting your shoulders back and being direct in your walk and eye contact you are announcing your presence and immediately appear more confident.

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Move your body and appreciate the amazing work it does! 

Instead of being hung up on aesthetics and how our body looks it is so important to respect the absolutely incredible work it does for us! Your brain processes all the sensory information around you so you can experience every exhilarating moment of this life. Your heart pumps oxygen rich blood to every corner of your body every second of every day to keep you alive. Your lungs allow you to breathe in around 25,000 breaths per day. If you have a healthy body and mind you are so lucky and it is so important to care for it through self care and exercise. Not everyone is a competitive team sports type but as long as you find something you truly love to do - whether that is walking, dancing or yoga choose an activity and off you go! Your confidence and happiness will soar!

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* Photos by my talented Mum
This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery. All opinions are my own



  1. Totally agree with be confident with your own skin and shape. I love the last outfit, the color and the style is just amazing. Great for summer.

  2. Being confident in one's own body is such an important thing! This is a very nice post and nice products!

  3. The polka dot dress is so cute!

  4. Confidence will ALWAYS be sexy! These outfits look so good on you

  5. These are definitely some great tips! You are owning it girl! Keep it up.

  6. These all look great on you! I really love the polka-dots!


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